MC 515 Laptop Stand Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Notebook Stand Compatible with 10-17 Inch Laptop Portable Laptop Holder

100% of buyers said they were satisfied.
100% of buyers said they were satisfied.
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MC 515 Laptop Stand Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Notebook Stand Compatible with 10-17 Inch Laptop Portable Laptop Holder

【It’s What You Want】As a professional stand manufacturer, We made market research to find the real needs of customers and then developed this fully portable laptop stand with superior stability. A perfect desktop accessory that very comfortable for working at home, office and outdoor, make typing more easier.


Product Name: MC 515 Aluminum Alloy Laptop Stand

Color: silver

Material: Aluminum Alloy + Silicone

Product Style:Folding

Bracket Weight:750g

Package Dimensions:225*275*50mm

Package Includes:

1*Aluminum Alloy Laptop Stand

1* Set of wrenches

Brand Name










18 reviews for MC 515 Laptop Stand Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Notebook Stand Compatible with 10-17 Inch Laptop Portable Laptop Holder

  1. Shopper

    The computer stand is easy to use’ fits the computer’ and has multiple heights adjustable

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  2. Shopper

    I look forward to this computer stand After opening’ it looks simple and elegant’ and it is quite stable when adjusted to the most suitable angle

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  3. Shopper

    The height of the stand can be adjusted’ it is convenient for the computer to dissipate heat’ and it can also correct the sitting posture to protect the spine

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  4. Shopper

    Very easy to use’ easy to use’ easy to install’ good quality’ thick and strong aluminum alloy material

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  5. Shopper

    The Laptop stand made of aluminum alloy material also comes with a wrench tool to adjust the height’ which is very good

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  6. Shopper

    The Laptop stand is made of aluminum alloy’ so you don’t have to worry about it shaking when you put the computer on it.

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  7. Shopper

    The height can be adjusted arbitrarily’ the neck is much more comfortable’ the actual measurement’ the typing is quite stable’ there is no problem overall

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  8. Shopper

    I hesitated for a long time before I decided on this one. I didn’t like it after seeing many models. I was afraid that the computer would be too big to put it on. But this one is really good! It is made of aluminum alloy and has a strong texture to the touch

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  9. Shopper

    Recently’ I have found the best thing to use. The height can be adjusted by yourself’ and you can use it standing up. The computer with heavy support is not difficult at all. I like it very much and I recommend it to everyone.

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  10. Shopper

    The appearance and touch are very good’ and the computer will be much more comfortable during the use period.

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  11. Shopper

    Material and workmanship are very good and design is more beautiful refined. The main reason is rectangle computer comparatively stable function because it is. This shopping very satisfied.

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  12. Shopper

    Products must be returned aluminum alloy material is very high grade-elegant atmosphere for fans and more convenient and quickly perform can. Another point is really durable and withstand multiple type it is quite unsatisfactory.

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  13. Shopper

    컴퓨터로 보는 경추의 통증을 보고 망설이다가 스텐트를 구매하기로 해서 휴대가 더 편하고 선택한 알루미늄 합금 소재가 내구성이 더 좋은 이 제품을 선택했습니다.

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  14. Shopper

    Aluminum alloy material’ relatively stable’ strong load-bearing capacity’ better quality

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  15. Shopper

    I was pleasantly surprised that I have bought the best notebook stand. The height can be adjusted at will. It is a must for those who often work with computers! ! !

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  16. S***n

    Product sturdy look and fine ~~ just joint parts the screw of sin is adjusted to the Round Table’s too tight cinched in put it down to some extent BRAC easily movable tent data ~~ wrench fitted in immense power to pull you wil. Newly arrived in the girls alone is adjustable ear is hard to man the wil be very Force adjustment way, which is enough. Click way easily adjustable, form Cotton was a ten day that’s some easy four ~~ shipping is just a week only arrived in.

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  17. H***K

    Durable very favorite dish with leg part processing steel women like me is all according to all the four coyote tablets, notebook with four key

    Color: Silver Ships From:

  18. Shopper

    Absolutely sturdy, robust design, does not wobble with the laptop on it, at all. Super light, yet super stable. Does not slip at all, and matches nicely the Mac design. Definitely recommended. Fast delivery.

    Color: Silver Ships From:

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